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‘Eat Together’ at the Urban Food Market


Tallahassee’s new concept, the Urban Food Market, transports guests to an Italian piazza where you can take a passeggiata (a leisurely stroll) and encounter unique food experiences.

What is the Urban Food Market exactly? Six restaurants and shops under one roof: Vinoteca Tappo, +Trentanove (which means +39, Italy’s country code), Digia Pasta, Fiocco Gelato Café, Becher Meat & Provisions, and Iolo Pizza. This concept is so authentic your nonna will be jealous.

“Eat Together” is their motto and it has our attention. Located at the Centre of Tallahassee (2415 N. Monroe Street #300), the Urban Food Market is now open. Mangia!

Anna Alexopoulos, On3PR

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