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The Tallahassee 100 team is comprised of political veterans, former journalists and seasoned public relations, photography and videography professionals who recognize the way people consume news is evolving. In today’s fast-paced environment with the availability of a multitude of information platforms, people are looking to get their news and information quickly and easily. That’s what sets us apart from other news outlets. Each article we publish is exactly 100 words and each video 100 seconds. Crafted on topics of intrigue, the Tallahassee 100 offers to-the-point stories that keep our readers in-the-know.

Our bimonthly newsletter covers Florida’s capital city. From politics and policy, state government and legislative session, arts and entertainment, business and sports news, restaurants, events, history and more, we’ll keep you updated on the latest in Tallahassee.

Have an interesting profile or a story idea? Drop us a line at hello@thetallahassee100.com. You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Tallahassee 100 is published by On 3 Public Relations.

About On 3 Public Relations

On 3 Public Relations (On3PR) is a Tallahassee, Florida based and state certified woman-owned firm, with more than 50 years combined experience in the political and communication field through numerous political campaigns and issue management projects throughout the country. We are a full-service communications firm providing comprehensive strategies for internal and external communication for local, state and federal associations, businesses, civic, community, government and non-profits; including political campaigns, issue referenda, initiatives, issue management, crisis management and grassroots/grasstops advocacy programs.

Here at On3PR we work with you in getting your message out to targeted audiences. And our services don’t stop there. It is all part of a comprehensive strategy, which takes you from preparation to implementation to measuring success and beyond.

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