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Slay your New Year’s diet – don’t let it slay you

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New year, new you isn’t as easy as it sounds. It feels like you can’t eat out anymore, you’re restricted from doing any fun activities and you’re stuck with the same five meals. It’s time for you to slay your NYR diet by enjoying these healthy eating-out choices.

6 Food & Beverage options that are under 500 Calories:

• Panera – Choose any bagel (500 & under)

• Chili’s – Southwestern BLT (370)

• Publix – Half an ultimate sub with white bread, cheese and any vegetarian toppings (450)

• Outback – 6oz. steak with mashed potatoes (450)

• Applebee’s – Brownie bite (360)

• Starbucks – Grande toasted coconut cold brew (50)

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