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City of Tallahassee Map 1885-2019

by The 100 Companies

With a nod to the beautiful, handcrafted detail of the 1885 panorama, “View of the City of Tallahassee,” CATECOMM, headquartered in Tallahassee, and Tallahassee-based artist Jenn Whitcomb have hand drawn a 2019 snapshot panorama, printed locally on museum quality paper so you own a piece of this history.

Watch how this idea came to fruition and how you can own a piece of history and meant to be a show-stopping piece of art for any office, business or home. Each print is hand-numbered and autographed.

And $100 from every purchase will benefit local nonprofits preserving and improving Tallahassee!

Christina Johnson, On 3 Public Relations

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