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Tallahassee’s Hot Birdie’s Chicken coming in hot

by The 100 Companies

Spicier than Chick-fil-A’s spicy chicken sandwich even available on Sundays in Tallahassee – meet Hot Birdie’s Chicken.

Located in the Capital Plaza, Hot Birdie’s proudly serves a variety of fried chicken sandwiches and complementary sides. Headlining the menus is the Hot Birdie – fried chicken dipped in Nashville Hot Butter and topped with spicy mayo, brown sugar-honey slaw and spicy pickles on a brioche bun.

The new restaurant was opened by Food Glorious Food owner and executive chef, Kevin Stout, in mid-January, and it has already experienced overwhelming success. Stout simply attributes it to this: “People are crazy for fried chicken.”

– Aly Coleman, On 3 Public Relations

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