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ALDI opens first Tallahassee store

by The 100 Companies

ALDI, a shortening of Albrecht DIscount, is a German-based worldwide discount grocery chain with nearly 2,000 US outlets. Its cousin, part of the same parent organization, is fan-favorite Trader Joe’s.

Taking over the old EarthFare location at 2425 Apalachee Parkway, ALDI is planning to open another Tallahassee outlet this year, and is known for no-frills and own-brands.

The first store was opened in post-war Essen in 1946 by the brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht. By 1960, the brothers had split the chain in two over a disagreement over selling cigarettes. Today, the chain does over $92 billion in US sales.

– David Johnson, DJGroup

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