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Food Truck Thursdays: a Tallahassee Must-Do


Chuckwagons and pushcarts served cowboys and workers as far back as the Civil War. These trail-blazing mobile meals are similar to today’s food trucks. You can’t go anywhere in Florida without spotting the food truck craze, and Tallahassee is no exception.

For Tallahasseans or whoever is in town for the 2017 Legislative Session, you can get on the food truck “chuckwagon” Thursdays, 6PM to 9PM, behind the Cottages at Lake Ella.

Family- and puppy-friendly, “Food Truck Thursdays” include some of Tallahassee’s favorite trucks and live music. Tip: Check out the Food Truck Thursday Facebook page for participating trucks.

Anna Alexopoulos, On 3 Public Relations

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